Posted: February 17, 2009

Nanyang Technological University and Carl Zeiss Announce Strategic Partnership and Collaboration

(Nanowerk News) Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has inked a Letter of Intent with Carl Zeiss SMT, a global leader in innovative lithography optics and optical and particle-beam based analysis and measuring systems. The agreement formalizes a strategic partnership and collaboration that is set to open up new opportunities in nanomaterials and materials science research. With this partnership, Carl Zeiss SMT adds a world leading academic and research facility to its growing network of electron microscope centres that are hosting high-end transmission electron microscopes in their laboratories.
NTU´s lab facilities will be equipped with ZEISS electron beam systems that will be used in a variety of material science and life science research and teaching applications. The first instrument to be installed in early 2009 will be the NVision platform combining both e-beam and ion-beam technology, followed by a LIBRA 120 PLUS transmission electron microscope (TEM) in early summer of 2009. The new TEM instrument will be housed in the NTU’s Facility for Analysis, Characterisation, Testing and Simulation in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, together with other cutting-edge equipment such as X-ray diffractometers that are used to discover the arrangement of atoms in solids.
“We are proud to be chosen by NTU as a strategic partner in order to support NTU´s research programmes and to manifest and develop NTU´s position as one of the leading regional academic institutions for research in material analysis and life science applications,” said Manfred Hanke, Managing Director of Carl Zeiss SMT Singapore. “The partnership with NTU is the next logical step after the launch of the first Carl Zeiss Advanced Imaging Centre in Singapore (AICS) in early 2008 and underlines the company’s position as a partner of science. The partnership with NTU will be another key component as we continue to push forward the frontier of science.”
“We look forward to having the ZEISS systems in our lab and to expanding our research and training at NTU,” stated Prof. Freddy Boey, Chair of NTU´s School of Materials Science and Engineering. “Collaboration with Carl Zeiss is an important part of NTU´s continuous effort to strengthen our position as a leading electron microscopy centre in Asia. With the addition of this state-of-the-art equipment to our lab, we will now be able to study both biological and physical substances for new materials or drugs at higher resolution in the future. We hope to create new developments in the study of materials science which has been impossible using the current electron-optical equipment. We also hope to use this equipment to prepare our students for professional careers in high-tech fields and expose them to advanced research opportunities.”
In addition to the machine installation, Carl Zeiss and NTU will also collaborate in the fields of application development, engineering exchange and training programmes. NTU staff and students will be able to network with advanced group users of Carl Zeiss systems and gain access to state-of-the-art instruments around the world.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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