Posted: February 19, 2009

Ecology Coatings Launches New, Interactive Website

(Nanowerk News) Ecology Coatings, Inc., a leader in the discovery and development of nanotechnology-enabled, ultra-violet curable advanced coatings, has positioned itself within the industry as the innovative cleantech solutions provider for traditional industrial coatings companies who have been searching for the ever-elusive competitive advantage.
"We are all about innovation," stated Ecology Chairman Rich Stromback. "Over the last two years, customers have clearly indicated that we are their creative resource team the company they look to for problem solving through innovative coatings that will enhance product performance, adhere to a multitude of materials and reduce their carbon footprint, which will become even more important with the country's new administration."
"Ecology Coatings is an intellectual property and technology-focused company with a development and prototyping lab that has formulated hundreds of unique coatings for applications in a large number of vertical markets. As an IP company whose strength lies in the development of these unique applications, our path to market includes leveraging the expertise, existing sales infrastructure and production capabilities of industry leaders, through an outsourcing or licensing program. We are already in test/pilot programs with potential customers and have entered into talks with prospective partners to produce our formulations."
The company invites shareholders, customers and members of the financial community to visit its newly launched, interactive website at , The site provides an overview of the company's technology platform, applications for its coating formulations, technology video, and an introduction to management. Potential investors, customers and shareholders can also request information kits or to be added to the ECOC news alert distribution list.
Source: Ecology Coatings (press release)
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