Posted: March 2, 2009

Nanogate AG launches innovation offensive, starting with new products for functional textiles

(Nanowerk News) In times of economic challenges, innovations are a way for companies of all sizes to overcome crises and achieve lasting competitive advantages. Greater product utility, cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness can not only boost customer loyalty but also open up additional sales opportunities.
Nanogate AG, a leading international enabler in the field of chemical nanotechnology, is stepping up its innovation efforts significantly for the current financial year. The offensive kicks off with innovative products for various uses in the field of functional textiles. New product traits ensure that even the most stubborn stains either hardly stick to enhanced surfaces or are easy to remove. Electric charging is also successfully prevented, thereby reducing the risk of flammability. Nanogate has embarked on a campaign to actively market its new product line and anticipates serial success soon.
After several years of research Nanogate’s innovation offensive has begun with the market launch of new textile finishes that even protect light-coloured materials to an extent that had previously been almost impossible. Surfaces are treated with a protective layer that reduces dirt adhesion significantly and also provides other functions. Stains such as coffee or ketchup stains, but also more stubborn stains such as those caused by oil and ballpoint pens, do not stick to the material or can be removed without much effort.
In addition, simple process integration in the course of immersion ensures that the coating covers each individual fibre of the textile and can resist cleaning agents. Other functions such as antistatic and antibacterial properties and a high level of flame retardance can also be integrated. The product lines’ uses are many and varied, especially for heavy-duty textiles such as those used in the furniture industry or in automotive and vehicle manufacture.
With its new product line Nanogate AG is enlarging its functional textiles area of expertise strongly and anticipates first serial successes with pilot customers in the months ahead. “Our innovations in the field of textiles not only offer fascinating new properties but also lower the level of environmental pollution by reducing the need for significant quantities of cleaning agents,” says Holger Zytur, Director of Functional Textiles at Nanogate AG.
The new product line is part of the innovation offensive that Nanogate has launch¬ed. The world economy is in the throes of a crisis, the extent of which is unknown and the consequences of which cannot yet be foreseen. That is precisely why it is so important for companies to be prepared for hard times with innovations that ensure effective customer retention. This can be accomplished by means of boosting quality, improving profitability, developing new product traits and contributing towards environmental protection.
Nanogate AG, as a leading international chemical nanotechnology company, has the expertise that is required to put these innovations into practice successfully in a short time and is extending its commitments significantly in the course of the current financial year.
Further Nanogate AG innovations will follow during 2009: system solutions for improved energy efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions in automotive and mechanical engineering thanks to developments based on the nanoplating® technology platform, improved filtration results for clean air achieved by the PermaStatic® product family and surface treatment for buildings that reduces dirt adhesion, extends useful life and lengthens cleaning intervals.
As an enabler and innovation partner Nanogate is aware of both industry re-quirements and the latest technological possibilities and therefore serves as a link between companies and research. Industry partners can thus programme their products with new properties and set themselves apart from international competition. “In the past, Nanogate has successfully confirmed its expertise in over 150 cases,” says Nanogate CEO Ralf Zastrau. “Against the background of the present challenges we will step up our innovation significantly in the current financial year and open up new growth potentials jointly with our customers. Ap-plications in the large market for functional high-performance textiles are an ex-cellent first point of reference,” Zastrau adds.
Source: Nanogate AG (press release)
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