Posted: March 3, 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New NanoDrop 2000 Series Spectrophotometers

(Nanowerk News) Thermo Fisher Scientific today announced the launch of the Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000 and 2000c Spectrophotometers. These easy-to-use, UV-Vis instruments enable a 5 second measurement time of DNA, RNA and proteins on a sample size as low as 0.5µL. The NanoDrop. 2000 and 2000c are essential micro-sample analysis tools for virtually every life sciences and clinical research lab. Currently more than 18,000 NanoDrop instruments are used worldwide to improve laboratory workflow.
The instruments’ innovative software provides the ability to create custom methods and the flexibility to design reports and export data. Both the NanoDrop 2000 and 2000c utilize a patented sample retention system which measures micro-volume samples directly on a pedestal. The NanoDrop 2000c cuvette capability expands the types of samples that can be analyzed on one platform. In addition to microvolume pedestal measurements, labs can run kinetics (time and temperature studies) and analyze cell cultures (OD 600) and volatile samples with the NanoDrop 2000c. With both pedestal and cuvette capability, the NanoDrop 2000c provides the broadest concentration range ever offered by a spectrophotometer – from sensitivity as low as conventional spectrophotometers to greater than 15,000 ng/µL for dsDNA (with no dilutions).
“The NanoDrop 2000 and 2000c represent our continued focus on responding to the needs of today’s laboratory scientists who seek efficiency, productivity and quality results,” said Cathy Williams, marketing director, Thermo Fisher Scientific - NanoDrop products. The NanoDrop 2000 and 2000c retain the simplicity, robustness and same small footprint of their predecessor – the NanoDrop 1000.
Scientists who want to try the NanoDrop 2000 or 2000c in their own laboratories with their own samples may do so as part of NanoDrop products free trial program (available in the U.S. and Canada only). Visit the website to learn more about the NanoDrop family of products and the free trial program. All NanoDrop products are backed by life science professionals with extensive experience in micro-volume analysis and they can help users with specific application needs. Customers can reach NanoDrop products’ comprehensive customer and technical support services by calling 1-302-479-7707 or by visiting
Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific (press release)
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