Posted: March 6, 2009

Particle Measuring Systems Introduces the Nano-ID for Air Monitoring

(Nanowerk News) Particle Measuring Systems announced this week the introduction of the Nano-ID™, a world class particle sampling system providing the capability to selectively size and capture a wide range of ultra-fine and nanoparticles for occupational and industrial hygiene air monitoring.
The Nano-ID sorts and captures particles from 2 to 30,000 nanometers (30 microns) into 12 size bins, enabling each bin to be selectively analyzed for particle mass, size distribution, shape, composition, and morphology among other nanoparticle characteristics.
"No other particle sampler is able to cover such a wide particle size range in a compact and portable package," said Paul Kelly, President of Particle Measuring Systems, Inc. "We're excited that the Nano-ID fills a need for worker exposure evaluation, as well as air quality monitoring within the workplace environment. Ultimately, this allows companies to proactively manage and reduce worker health risks caused by ultra-fine and nanoparticles."
The Nano-ID is used for investigating particulate emissions and monitoring air quality for worker health risks associated with the manufacturing or use of nanomaterials, or processes that may unintentionally create nanoparticles, within production and research facilities. These nanoparticles can travel long distances and remain airborne for hours and days, highly increasing the odds of worker exposure and inhalation.
Particle Measuring Systems is the global leader in particle counting technology, with over 35 years of experience providing aerosol, liquid, and gas particle monitoring products for companies and organizations working with clean processes or in clean environments in order to protect critical products. As the inventors of laser-based particle counters, Particle Measuring Systems sets the standard for particle monitors in nanomaterial, pharmaceutical, aerospace, integrated circuit and electronics manufacturing.
Source: Particle Measuring Systems (press release)
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