Posted: March 10, 2009

PANalytical Launches Omnian: The New Benchmark for Standardless Analysis

(Nanowerk News) PITTCON 2009 (8-13 March, Chicago, USA) will see the launch of PANalytical’s new standardless analysis package, Omnian. This latest module in the company’s proven SuperQ software suite is designed to be used with the Axios sequential X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer.
Omnian provides the ideal answer for characterization and analysis of unknown samples, or in situations where certified standards that match specific sample characteristics are not available.
Omnian deals with all sample types
Omnian deals with all sample types
Omnian can handle a wide variety of sample types such as solids, pressed powders, fused beads, loose powders and liquids. The software is adaptable, depending on user experience or the desired mode of operation. With its problem-solving power it deals with analytical challenges including sample quantification, screening and failure analysis, as well as the comparison of different materials.
Omnian is set to become the new benchmark in these important applications. It is designed to provide fast, reliable quantification in the default ‘black box’ mode. However, the data collected is comprehensive and can be reviewed more extensively.
The system adjusts automatically to sample and matrix effects as well as sample thickness, volume and ‘Dark–Matrix’ composition. It can be fine-tuned for increased accuracy by using Adaptive Sample Characterization (ASC).
Omnian is supported by PANalytical’s worldwide network of support and service specialists.
Source: PANalytical (press release)
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