Posted: March 10, 2009

Final call for Advanced Electron Microscopy School

(Nanowerk News) Final call for the Advanced Electron Microscopy School from June 21st - July 4th 2009 in the historic Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen and Gothenburg. Register by March 20, 2009.
The Advanced Electron Microscopy School offers an intensive course on the principles and practice of cutting-edge (scanning) transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM). This special two week course, led by some of the world's leading practitioners, deals with the intricacies of electron optics with particular attention to spherical aberration correctors and monochromators, along with associated techniques needed for research at the highest level.
This course is aimed at those already in possession of a sound knowledge of S/TEM requiring a deeper understanding of advanced electron optics, and is especially suited to those using, or expecting to use, any type of aberration-corrected and/or monochromated S/TEM instrument. The number of places will be limited, ensuring a good lecturer/attendee ratio and maximizing the opportunity for inquiry and learning. By the end of the two weeks, attendees can expect to have a strong command of advanced techniques that will significantly benefit both their research and their ability to guide and train others. A course handbook will also be available, to act as invaluable reference material long into the future.
The first week will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark and the second in Gothenburg, Sweden, with world class facilities for hands-on workshops at DTU and Chalmers University, respectively. Lectures and accommodation for Week 1 will take place at a hotel on the edge of a tranquil deer park, and for Week 2 on a Viking ship hotel permanently moored in Gothenburg harbor. The afternoons will be spent at the universities for the practical sessions.
Course fees include two weeks of lectures and practicals, teaching materials, all meals and accommodation and local day-to-day transport:
Academic fee (EMS members): EUR 2,500
Academic fee (non EMS members): EUR 2,550
Non academic fee: EUR 4,000
Registration deadline: March 20, 2009
Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please note that the organizers cannot accept more than two applications from the same institution. Course fees will be invoiced after acceptance of your application.
Scholarships: Many microscopy societies offer scholarships, please check with your national or regional society for details.
Source: FEI (press release)
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