Posted: March 18, 2009

Horiba Organizes Special Workshop on Fluorescence Instrumentation

(Nanowerk News) To open access to the powerful tools of fluorescence, HORIBA Scientific is organizing a special workshop to be held in Prague, June 3-5.
Not only will this give every researcher a chance to experience the start of the art in fluorescence instrumentation with hands-on sessions, but internationally known experts in the field will provide deep insight in the topics of current interest. There will also be an opportunity to present your own work and discuss future directions in the fields of biomedical research, Nanotechnology, as well as materials science.
Some of the company history involves instruments from Spex, IBH, SLM-Aminco, JY, ISA and more. Donít miss out on this unique chance to immerse yourself in the fluorescence community.
Source: Horiba (press release)
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