Posted: March 18, 2009

Wyatt Technology Unveils New Brochure for its Newly Launched DynaPro NanoStar Protein Analysis Tool

(Nanowerk News) Wyatt Technology Corporation, a leader in absolute macromolecular characterization instrumentation and software, has published a new brochure to support the launch of its new Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) instrument, the DynaPro NanoStar. The brochure, which is entitled "DynaPro NanoStar: The Most Widely Used Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument Just Got Better", is available free-of-charge via or [email protected] The new instrument will also be available to view on Wyatt Technology's booth (#617) at ACS Spring 2009.
The comprehensive, eight-page document outlines the NanoStar's wide range of applications, including screening proteins prior to crystallization trials, bioprocessing and quality control of viral particles and vaccines, exploring antibody formulations, characterizing stable protein formulations and aggregating compounds. The brochure describes how the NanoStar surpasses the performance of conventional batch DLS instruments, delivering optimum versatility and stability with more than twice the signal-to-noise of its predecessors to ensure consistently high performance.
Wyatt's informative collateral details how the new NanoStar works, explaining how simple it is to install on a laboratory network and operate from anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition, the brochure provides a thorough insight into the many benefits of the novel instrument resulting from its multi-mode optical fiber, auto-attenuation and rapid thermal characterization capabilities.
Built on breakthrough technology, the NanoStar incorporates two light scattering detectors in its optical system, offering the unique advantage of measuring hydrodynamic radii and absolute molecular weights simultaneously. The instrument can be also attached to Wyatt's DAWN HELEOS or miniDAWN TREOS multi-angle light scattering (MALS) systems for simultaneous on-line MALS and DLS characterization.
Incorporated in the document are real world data from a thermal melt experiment performed by NanoStar on 0.96 mg/ml BSA in PBS, automatically ramping from 30°C to 80°C at a programmed ramp rate of 0.25°C/min. Results of the experiment are demonstrated using screenshots generated by the DYNAMICS software platform on which the NanoStar operates. The brochure also refers to Wyatt's patented DynaPro Plate Reader, designed to automate and accelerate DLS measurements. It concludes by drawing a comparison between the specifications of the two instruments, helping readers to identify the most suitable one for their specific application needs.
To find out more about the NanoStar or to obtain a copy of the new brochure, please visit or email [email protected]
Source: Wyatt Technology Corporation (press release)
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