Posted: March 18, 2009

NanoVentures Australia launches Medical Diagnostics Venture

(Nanowerk News) Following development over the last three years, the NanoVentures Australia (NVA) Board agreed in February to register the company Quintain NanoSystems, as its venture for conducting the development of imaging and diagnostic tools based on nanoparticles.
Quintain has a portfolio of contrast agent technologies developed with the University of Melbourne, the Baker Heart Research Institute, and RMIT University. Led by Dr Jeanette Pritchard, the Qunitain team has had discussions with potential development partners and investors, and will be presenting to potential stakeholders through April and May of 2009.
Quintain NanoSystems (Quintain NS) is the vehicle established in 2007 from the bionanotechnology activities of Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd. Itís focus is towards development and commercialisation of diagnostic reagents and devices for human and animal health industries.
A major issue for healthcare professionals lies in the ability to detect disease states at an early stage of development. Nano-enabled imaging and diagnostic technologies will provide:
  • Rapid, cost-effective point-of-care diagnostics for animal and human health
  • High-throughput sample screening thereby reducing sample size, time and cost of analysis
  • Detection of CVD, neurological disorders and cancer at a much earlier stage of development than currently achievable.
  • Source: NanoVentures Australia (press release)
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