Posted: March 20, 2009

New Chemometric Software for Raman Spectral and Microscopic Data Analysis

(Nanowerk News) WITec, a manufacturer of high-resolution Optical and Scanning Probe Microscopy solutions, has introduced the WITec Project Plus software package for advanced data evaluation and chemometric image processing. It features various tools for multivariate data analysis in the fields of Confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Probe Microscopy such as cluster analysis and principal component analysis. Thus, hidden structures in the images can be visualized automatically, leading to quick and consistent interpretation of the data. Additionally, a variety of advanced patent-pending analysis tools and algorithms enable comprehensive and userfriendly computerized data evaluation and image generation.
The speed with which the extensive calculations behind the various algorithms and procedures can be executed is unprecedented and provides a new level of capability in analysis operations. WITec Project Plus can be obtained as an add-on software package for the WITec Project data evaluation software.
“With WITec Project Plus we provide another software module for unparalleled and unmatched chemical, structural, and optical imaging at the highest resolution. It ideally supports WITec’s philosophy of delivering a single software environment for a variety of microscopic techniques, measurement modes and microscope models” says Dr. Joachim Koenen, Managing Director at WITec. “Due to the uniqueness of the algorithms and features developed, it was clear that patent applications were filed in order to secure WITec’s toplevel expertise at the forefront of hyperspectral Raman Imaging.”
In Confocal Raman Imaging a complete Raman Spectrum is acquired at each image pixel resulting in images consisting of tens of thousands of spectra. The WITec microscope series additionally allows the combination of Raman imaging with Atomic Force Microscopy for a more comprehensive investigation of a sample. A sophisticated software package is essential for successful data evaluation and post-processing. WITec Control for instrument and measurement control and the WITec Project package provide a software environment from one source for the various microscopic techniques, measurement modes and microscope models.
About WITec
WITec is a manufacturer of high performance optical and scanning probe microscopy systems. A modular product line allows the combination of different microscopy techniques such as Raman, SNOM or AFM in a single instrument for flexible analysis of the optical, chemical and structural properties of a sample. The instruments are distributed worldwide and are used primarily in the fields of Materials Science, Life Science and Nanotechnology. WITec is based in Ulm, Germany and Savoy, IL, USA. For more information, please visit
Source: WITec (press release)
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