Posted: March 23, 2009

Technical article discusses the benefits, operation and use of ultracapacitors

(Nanowerk News) Enable IPC Corporation announced today that Appliance Design, a magazine devoted to design and engineering, recently published an article on its website co-written by SolRayo's President Dr. Mark Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer Kevin Leonard and Senior Chemical Engineer Wendy Suyama. SolRayo is a subsidiary of Enable IPC.
The article, titled "Power: Battery Boost," discusses how ultracapacitors differ from batteries in their energy storage abilities, and their ability to provide power pulses, which in some applications could be more than 10 times the rated battery power.
"Before an engineer explores how to design an ultracapacitor into a circuit, he or she should understand how they operate," said Wendy Suyama. "Portable battery-powered devices that operate in pulsed modes (for example, digital cameras and power tools) can benefit from the use of capacitors. They can greatly enhance battery life, and possibly allow for a reduction of a system's size, weight and/or cost."
SolRayo provides breakthrough, economical nanoparticle-based ultracapacitors that can be recharged hundreds of times more than batteries.
Separately, Enable IPC announced the initial shipment of ultracapacitor electrodes to IMDEA in Madrid. This contract is in connection with a high profile renewable energy demonstration project in Spain.
Also, Kevin Leonard (Chief Technology Officer at SolRayo) and Dr. Mark Daugherty (SolRayo's President) led a webinar in January on use of ultracapacitors in renewable energy.
Source: Enable IPC
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