Posted: March 26, 2009

Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies Co-Invests in Precision Electrochemical Machine Manufacturer

(Nanowerk News) The supervisory board of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies has approved the participation of the Corporation in the manufacturing setup of precision electrochemical machines for production of components from nanostructured materials and nanometric surface structuring.
Electrochemical machines are used for the precision machining at a nano level of virtually the entire spectrum of metals, including hard alloys and nanostructured metals. The technology utilized in the machines is at a level comparable to world leading technologies and, has substantial technological advantages in such aspects such as precision, productivity and operating cost,. Furthermore, due to the software specifically developed in Russia for these machines, surface processing capabilities are considerably enhanced. The machines can be used both to produce bio-implants and surgical tools, and to form complex-shape parts from high-strength materials used in aircraft engines or energy turbines. At present in Russia there is virtually no production of precision machinery (Russia accounts for less than 0.1% share of the global precision machines market in 2008.).
For implementation a Project Company will be set up, where RUSNANO will be a co-investor and Titan-ESM will participate with a respective share split of 39.8%, 35.1% and 25.1%. Total amount of investment from RUSNANO side will be 154 million RUR. Funding will be provided in the form of investment in share capital and loans depending on the Project Company results.
According to the business plan, during the first year of the project’ implementation the following activities are planned: machines design and improvement, production area organization, staff training and manufacturing launch. From the second until the sixth year of project development, manufacturing capacity will be increased with an aim to reach annual production of 470 machines in 2015.
Project implementation will enable to apply the most advanced technological achievements of the Russian electrochemistry school and implement modern surfacing technologies in such high-tech industries as microelectronics, precise tools engineering, aerospace, energy generation, medicine, automotive and other sectors.
Titan-ESM was founded in 2004 at the initiative of the Ufa state aviation technical university (UGATU). The team successfully solves complex design and technological tasks together with the Scientific Research Institute (NII) of the problems of theory and technology of electrochemical machining. NII scientists have more than 30 years’ experience of work in the field of electrochemistry. During this time they have created new models of electrochemical machines, mastered and implemented more than a hundred technological processes, and obtained over 100 patents for inventions.
Source: Rusnano (press release)
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