Posted: March 31, 2009

NanoVic's IP Portfolio Transferred to NanoVentures Australia

(Nanowerk News) Dr Peter Binks, CEO of NanoVentures Australia (”NVA”), has announced that the portfolio of intellectual assets developed under the auspices of Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd (”NanoVic”) has been transferred to the control of NVA.
The transfer was agreed in February with the Member Universities of NanoVic (Monash University, RMIT University, and Swinburne University of Technology). NVA has title to the intellectual assets previously held in NanoVic’s name on behalf of the Members, and has exclusive rights to raise funds and commercialise these assets. Successful commercialization will result in returns to the Members and to NVA.
“The portfolio covers all four areas of interest - drug delivery, diagnostics, advanced materials, and water technologies - and NVA is free to exploit these. We have commercial plans for the top eight technologies, and have progressed several of these towards investment and licensing agreements” noted Dr Binks.
The intellectual assets are held in a new purpose-specific vehicle, NVA IP Holdings. According to NVA’s Manager Intellectual Property, Dr Michelle Critchley: “The portfolio includes six patent applications, two licenses, and eight design registrations. Two further patents will be registered directly to NVA. All will be registered in NVA IP Holdings’ name at IP Australia”. Dr Critchley added that NVA will continue to invest in protection of the portfolio, and addition of new intellectual assets.
Enquiries about NVA’s portfolio should be directed to Dr Critchley on [email protected]
Source: NanoVentures Australia (press release)
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