Posted: March 31, 2009

New Sample Digestion System For Atomic Spectroscopy from Analytik Jena UK

(Nanowerk News) The new TOPwave® microwave-assisted pressure digestion system from Analytik Jena UK provides a powerful sample preparation capability for atomic spectroscopy from routine laboratory applications through to special applications under extreme conditions. Samples can be prepared for atomic absorption, ICP or ICP/MS analysis. Microwave sample heating gives reduced digestion times and high sample throughput rates.
Microwave assisted sample preparation is a state of the art technology in many routine and research laboratories. Analytik Jena now adds this technology to its product portfolio.
TOPwave is a versatile system offering a variety of digestion vessels, fulfilling all requirements of modern applications. Its innovative design combines highest operating comfort with maximum safety and performance. The different vessel types are made of a high performance fluoropolymer, which means long lifetime and few consumables. This intelligent vessel design minimizes subsequent costs and simplifies the handling. All vessel types can be opened and closed by hand, without any tools. An optional evaporation unit can be used for sample concentration.
The system works with an innovative sensor concept. All sample temperatures as well as the internal pressures are measured and displayed individually and in real time. No immersed probes or mechanical sensors are used – the system uses optical measurement principles. No sensors must be installed, connected, cleaned or replaced – handling is further simplified and consumables are eliminated.
TOPwave is equipped with a touch screen controller for reaction control and data handling. The SMART algorithm monitors all parameters and adjusts the microwave power accordingly. Various pre-installed applications are available, a list of favourite applications contains up to twelve frequently used programs. A nearly unlimited number of user-defined applications can be stored. The software can be operated intuitively, offers remote operation via a network connection, and includes six languages. An internal memory can be used for data storage, USB- and Ethernet ports allow data export.
Source: Analytik Jena UK (press release)
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