Posted: April 1, 2009

Entrapped Nanodiamonds for Personal Care and Other Industries

(Nanowerk News) Grant Industries, Inc. in collaboration with Nanometics LLC, announces the launch of Granpowder Lumière, a new line of polymethylsilsesquioxane (PSQ) powders containing a core of an entrapped photoluminescent diamond complex. For the first time, photoluminescent diamonds have been encapsulated in a spherical polymer, rendering a soft-focus particle with both photoluminescent and color correcting attributes.
The powders, which all photoluminesce an intense blue color when illuminated by long wave UV, are available for personal care and industrial applications. Currently, the powders are sold as a white powder or in five different colors. The colored powders contain D&C dyes coordinated to the diamond complex, rendering unique and radiant colors. The different colors offer a cosmetics formulator the option to combine powders to create a unique shade, specific to the intended application. The particles are spherical and only 7 microns in diameter, rendering them invisible to the naked eye. When applied to the skin, they dramatically reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, neutralize discolorations and make the skin appear younger and more vibrant.
The entrapped diamond complex converts invisible UV light to blue light (photoluminescence) and selectively scatters favorable blue and green light (Rayleigh Scattering)
The entrapped diamond complex converts invisible UV light to blue light (photoluminescence) and selectively scatters favorable blue and green light (Rayleigh Scattering). The colored particles contained a D&C dye coordinated with the diamond complex and can be used to nuetralize skin discoloration or simply to add color to a given formulation.
The photoluminescent diamond complex is from detonation origin, and for the first time, encapsulated into a spherical polymer. Because of its complete entrapment, the surface of the PSQ particle remains unchanged and behaves as an unmodified PSQ particle of similar size and shape. This is advantageous to many personal care formulators and materials applications, as PSQ particles have become widely used in the industry because of their superior sensory and optical attributes.
“While the particles were developed as a novel ingredient for cosmetics, a broad patent was filed by Grant Industries and Nanometics that also includes many industrial applications which would benefit from a durable, solid micronized particle with core photoluminescent properties” said John Gormley, a Technical Director at Grant Industries Inc. PSQ is close to the silica family and is highly crosslinked and therefore generally stable to most chemical environments over a wide pH range. Since the diamond complex will not leech out of the system, the particles can be used for many materials applications, including optical coatings and plastics. The particles are ideal for use in liquid crystal displays, where the refractive index of the polymer meets critical optical requirements.
“We are looking forward to expanding use of these materials into solar energy applications, where the photoluminescent attributes can be utilized to increase photovoltaic conversion efficiency” said Steven Isaacman, Ph.D., Director of Research for Nanometics. Work is also under way to harness the unique optical signature for anti-counterfeiting measures. The optical and sensory properties of these particles are truly remarkable and we are excited about the panoply of applications.
Source: Nanometics
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