Posted: April 2, 2009

Record Breakers! Malvern's Webinar Program Doubles in Size

(Nanowerk News) A long-time pioneer of effective global eLearning, Malvern Instruments has this year more than doubled the size of its web seminar program. Over 120 web events are taking place in 2009, spanning the whole range of Malvern’s materials characterization products and their applications, which now also include Viscotek GPC/SEC systems. Specialists from Malvern’s product and applications teams are joined this year by a number of guest presenters from other organisations. Subject matter covers everything from basic techniques to sophisticated applications and there are presentations in a number of different languages.
Audiences for these free web seminars regularly run into the hundreds, with numbers growing as those working in both industry and academia appreciate having high quality content delivered to them direct. With current economic pressures limiting travel to conferences and exhibitions, Malvern’s web seminar series delivers access to a highly cost-effective means of learning about new products, techniques and applications.
According to Malvern’s VP Marketing Communications Randy Byrne, “Malvern’s 2009 web seminar program is probably the largest ever seen in our industry. In stepping up its already significant commitment to remote global education, Malvern is looking to support its present and future customers in what for many is a challenging time.”
Malvern web seminars can be accessed free of charge by anyone, wherever they are in the world.
Source: Malvern Instruments
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