Reinste Introduces Additives for High Perfomance Polymers

(Nanowerk News) Plastics & polymers have widespread applications in virtually all consumer products and are expanding into applications traditionally filled by metals, glasses and ceramics. Plastics including thermoset plastics and epoxies have limited use in applications where high temperatures, high chemical resistance, high wear resistance, high toughness, scratch proof and high dimensional stability are required.
Reinste portfolios a wide range of nanomaterials like Carbon Nanotubes, Oxides and Non–oxide nanoceramics that can be widely used in various stages of plastic products manufacturing to embed such high end solutions. Further Nanosilver based plastic additives from provides the plastics/polymers embedded with antimicrobial effect.
With the products of Reinste, it is possible for you to develop fiber with relatively very high strength and durability along with the anti-microbial (germ free) environment.
Different forms of additives for Plastic & polymers industry available with Reinste:
For Improved strength
  • Carbon Nano Tubes(CNTs)- Multiwalled and Singlewalled
  • Non-oxide nanoceramics like Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride etc.
  • For Scratch-proof plastics/ polymers
  • Oxide nanoceramics like Aluminium oxide, Silicon dioxide etc.
  • For antimicrobial plastics/ polymers
  • Liquid Nano Silver (Aqueous dispersion of colloidal silver)
  • Nanosilver masterbatches(Nano Silver impregnated PET, PP, PA6, EVA Master Batch)
  • For electrically conductive plastics/ polymers
  • Carbon Nano Tubes(CNTs)- Multiwalled and Singlewalled
  • For transparent reinforced plastics/ polymers
  • Carbon Nano Tubes(CNTs)- Singlewalled
  • For structural composite plastics/ polymers
  • Carbon Nano Tubes(CNTs)- Multiwalled
  • If you are working on creating some unique polymer/plastic based products or is looking forward to give unique and excellent properties to your products, please contact us for more details.
    About Reinste
    Reinste Nano Ventures emphases the significance of purest Nanomaterials with uniform composition free from any adulterants for class research and production purposes. In Reinste Nano ventures we ardently believe that innovation and differentiation are the fundamental components of growth and enlightenment of any organization. It also fulfills custom synthesis orders of Nano materials.
    Source: Reinste (press release)
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