Rule change for the ProIMAGE contest for AFM images

(Nanowerk News) NT-MDT Co. has announced the beginning of the annual international competition of AFM-images - ProIMAGE Contest 2012.
The mission of the contest is to show the beauty of the world around us - not the usual beauty but the one hidden from naked eye - the beauty of micro- and nanoworld. Do not hesitate to send us your best aesthetically beautiful and scientifically significant AFM-images obtained with NT-MDT probes!
The ProIMAGE Contest 2012 is devoted to the 10th anniversary edition of the NT-MDT calendar for 2013.
Please note that the format of the competition has been changed. First of all, there is no the habitual voting any more. The expert group of NT-MDT as a jury will choose the best images for the calendar every week. The chosen works will be marked with a special icon “Finalist 2012”. Each finalist will obtain reward points in the bonus program of NanoBOND Club.
The 12 winners will be announced in the end of the competition - on September, 28th. The final images that will not be selected for the calendar will move to the scan-gallery of NT-MDT. The winners will be awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes. The finalists will get certificates.
Visitors of the site also will be able to participate. They will have an opportunity to give a name to scan-finalists. The winners of this competition will be announced from the 8th to the 12th of October. They will receive souvenirs from the company.
The ProIMAGE Contest 2012 begins: July 2, 2012 and lasts till September 28, 2012.
NT-MDT waits for your AFM-images and wishes you good luck!
Source: NT-MDT (press release)
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