Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The aim of the programme is to create a Finnish-Russian nanotechnology transfer platform, with global industry-university co-operation -model, for the benefit of nanotechnology enabled industries on both sides of the Finnish-Russian border.
Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology has five service areas focused on building partnerships:
  • Innovation Programmes: Funding instrument awareness, project fundraising and application services with public funding programs from Finland, Russia and EU
  • Partner Search: Events and databases for matchmaking between Finnish, Russian and other international parties
  • Market Analysis and Foresight: Market surveys, newsletters and special task forces on Russian market for innovation and modernization technologies
  • Business Development and Technology Transfer: technology transfer and business development services for university research projects and SMEs
  • Venture Capital: Awareness raising on venture capital sector players and opportunities
  • Innovation Alliance accelerates nanotechnology innovation by:
  • Networking innovative companies, universities and financing parties
  • Providing services for boosting cross-border co-operation
  • Fostering technology transfer and creation of new business
  • The Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance provides benefits for several stakeholders: Universities & Research Institutes; High-Tech Growth Companies; Global Industry Leaders; Investors; Cities.
    For Universities & Research Institutes: Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology increases number of international industrial partners for contract and co-financed R&D projects and promotes:
  • Increased cooperation between top-level international universities and research organizations. R&D projects/ broader access to public funding instruments; Scientific personnel exchange; Higher utilization rate of equipment by joint use.
  • Increased cross-border tech-transfer activities
  • Project registration form
  • For High-Tech Growth Companies: Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology provides easier access to market through extensive networks, as well as:
  • Gateway to a broad network of international industrial partners, investors and IPR/technology sources
  • Access to the latest available R&D equipment in the universities and research institutes in Finland and in North-West Russia
  • Access to cross-border R&D funding
  • For Global Industry Leaders: Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology brings competitive edge from emerging materials technologies by providing:
  • Access to the extensive pool of cutting edge research results, IPR and top level scientists
  • One-stop-shop for Finnish and North-West Russian universities and research institutes
  • Active initial screening of the research results pool
  • For Investors Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology provides an increased number of high-potential investment targets, ensuring:
  • Increased exit potential of the existing portfolio companies by bringing added value to them directly (partners, R&D cooperation etc)
  • Access to IPR complementary to assets of the portfolio companies
  • International co-investors
  • For Cities: Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology brings competence to the regions by:
  • Attracting Foreign Direct Investment
  • Building a positive public image/visibility
  • Finnish Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnologies is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign affairs under the Finland's cooperation with its neighboring areas programme
    Source: Spinverse
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