Record Fiscal Year for Picosun

(Nanowerk News) Picosun Oy, Finnish, globally operating manufacturer of top level Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems has reached again a record fiscal year (May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012). This is the sixth consecutive profitable fiscal year for the company and an “absolute success”, describes Mr. Kustaa Poutiainen, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Picosun in the company’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held in Kirkkonummi, Finland today.
“Our turnover increased over 60 % and sales almost 100 %. This growth is so intense that unfortunately we couldn’t even take all new customers because the uncompromising core of Picosun’s business philosophy is that all customers will always get 100 % perfect and complete service”, continues Mr. Poutiainen. “Our financial result was again positive, even if we had unprecedentedly high investments in research and development (21% of the turnover). On the other hand, strong R&D is Picosun’s tradition since the company was founded and it is the best assurance that our customers will get the best ALD systems in the world also in the future. During the last fiscal year our customers also obtained a record number of best ALD deposition results in the world both with our R&D and production tools.”
Annual Shareholders’ Meeting elected the same Board for the new fiscal year. The Board predicts new top results in ALD process quality and productivity, strong organizational development on all continents, several novel, technologically revolutionary ALD equipment and methods – and new world records.
Picosun Oy is Finland-based, world-wide operating manufacturer of state-of-the-art ALD systems, representing continuity to almost four decades of pioneering, exclusive ALD reactor design and manufacturing. Picosun’s global headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland, its production facilities in Kirkkonummi, Finland, its US headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, and its Asian headquarters in Singapore. Today, PICOSUN™ ALD tools are in continuous production and R&D use in numerous frontline industries and research organizations across four continents.
Source: Picosun (press release)
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