SouthWest NanoTechnologies Announces Agreement to Distribute Its Carbon Nanotube Products in Asia Through Itochu Plastics Inc.

(Nanowerk News) SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc. has entered into a distribution agreement with Itochu Plastics Inc., part of the Itochu group, to distribute throughout Asia commercially-produced, specialty multi-wall and single-wall carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube (CNT) inks, pastes and dispersions.
"Sales opportunities in several key target markets are increasingly to be found in Asia, and the need for a strong distribution partner there has become evident. Itochu is the ideal partner to help us maximize our penetration of display, semiconductor, energy storage and advanced composites markets," explains Dave Arthur, CEO of SWeNT. "It is an exciting development which will help us better serve our commercial customers, providing product and applications development support for our unique CNT-based products."
"We are very pleased to become SWeNT's distribution partner," says Ryuichi Komatsuzaki, President of Itochu Plastics, Inc. "We believe there is great promise in Asian markets for their products and technology and that Itochu Plastics can make a contribution to solidifying SWeNT's global leadership in CNT products."
SWeNT recently introduced SG65i, a new Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) product with an exceptionally high concentration (as synthesized) of semiconducting SWCNT species, developed for use in printed semiconductor devices. Soon, SWeNT will introduce a new SWCNT product for transparent conductive coatings, available in powder, as printable ink and in dispersions, which will expand the range of applications in touch screens, display and solar electrodes, lighting devices and sensors.
SWeNT also recently introduced two new grades in its SMW™ line of Specialty Multi-wall CNT, SMW200 and SMW210, which are used as additives that enable higher electrical conductivity in polymer compounds and improved cathode performance in Lithium Ion batteries.
SWeNT also offers conductive and semi-conductive CNT inks for flexible printed electronics and displays, including aqueous inks for slot-die, spray or rod coating, and screen and gravure inks based on V2V™ Ink technology, developed by alliance partner, Chasm Technologies, Inc. The research market in Asia will continue to be served by Sigma-Aldrich.
About SWeNT
SouthWest NanoTechnologies (SWeNT) is a privately-held, advanced materials company that manufactures high-quality Single-Wall and Specialty Multi-Wall carbon nanotube products in a variety of forms, including powders, pastes, dispersions and inks for a wide range of applications in the electronics and composites industries. SWeNT was founded in 2001 and has established commercial-scale manufacturing operations in Norman, OK as well as a business and applications development center in the Boston, MA area. For more information, please visit
About Itochu Plastics
Itochu Plastics, Inc. is a trading company for the distribution, import, and export of electronics materials, liquid crystals, plastic resins, plastic materials & products for packaging, industrial, daily life use and related plastic processing machineries. It is part of the Itochu Corporation group and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with offices throughout Asia. For more information please visit For customer inquiries related to SWeNT's Carbon Nanotube products, please contact Itochu Plastics at [email protected] or [email protected]
Source: SWeNT (press release)
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