Integran Launches a New Patented High-Performance Nanostructured Multilayer Coating Technology

(Nanowerk News) Toronto based Integran Technologies Inc. (Integran) today announced the commercial launch of its novel nanostructured multilayer coating technology which provides unprecedented design flexibility in applying unique structural and functional enhancements to a wide variety of finished and semi-finished components including metals, polymers and polymer composites.
Under development for several years with the support of the Canadian Government and the US Department of Defense, Integran’s proprietary graded, multi-layer and nanolaminate technology is covered by a number of specific US and foreign patent filings including the recently issued US 8,129,034 which applies to lightweight articles, precision molds, sporting goods and automotive parts, and covers specific fine-grained metallic coatings and nanolaminates containing Ni, Cu, Co, Fe, Mo, W, Zn, P, B and C.
Klaus Tomantschger, Integran’s Vice President, Intellectual Property and Licensing stated ”Integran is pleased by the US Patent Office’s determination that Integran’s unique grainrefinement technology also extends to its proprietary multi-layer laminate coating technology”.
About Integran Technologies, Inc.
Integran is a world leader in advanced metallurgical nano-technologies, providing a broad international base of customers with advanced process & product design solutions through R&D, material sales, contract manufacturing and technology licensing. Integran and its predecessor organizations have been at the forefront of metallurgical nano-technology development for over twenty years. Integran has established an international reputation for excellence in materials technology development and commercialization. Integran owns the intellectual property rights for the cost-effective production of metallurgical nano-structures with over 300 patent filings dealing with the structure, composition, processing and application of its revolutionary materials.
Source: Integran (press release)
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