Raymor Industries and NanoIntegris Combine Forces to Form Market Leading Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Company

(Nanowerk News) Raymor Industries, Inc. and NanoIntegris Technologies, Inc. have completed a business combination to integrate the world leading single-walled carbon nanotube growth company (Raymor) with the leader in carbon nanotube purification and separation (NanoIntegris). Over the next year, Raymor and NanoIntegris will integrate the carbon nanotube supply chain, lower the costs of production, and develop applications with strategic partners.
Mr. Jacques Mallette, CEO of Raymor Industries will also serve as CEO of NanoIntegris, Mr. Elliott Garlock (former CEO of NanoIntegris) will now serve as Director of Business Development, and Dr. Nathan Yoder will remain serving as Chief Technology Officer of NanoIntegris.
The group will initially expand its product mix, scale up its separation process, and develop applications with partners. Raymor’s SWCNT production capacity is approaching 1 ton per year at a price point of $10/gram. Low cost intermediate and high purity grades will be launched this fall. Additionally, NanoIntegris is continuing to scale up its separation process to launch new semiconducting and conducting inks with significant price reductions.
NanoIntegris recently relocated from Illinois to Silicon Valley to work more closely with customers developing applications with its semiconducting and conducting carbon nanotube inks. Important applications will include: electrical composites, transparent conductors, and thin film transistors.
“It’s an exciting business combination that will help change the market dynamics in the nascent SWCNT industry,” said Jacques Mallette, CEO. “Combining NanoIntegris’ renowned expertise in purification and separation with Raymor’s low cost, high quality, and scalable SWCNT growth process will enable us to better serve the market by developing low cost products tailored to specific customer needs. When the integration is complete, we will have a compelling semiconductor ink for the printed electronics industry as well as a range of low cost, high quality raw and purified SWCNT grades for ITO replacement and for additive materials in mechanical and conductive composites.”
“This combination makes our business a lot stronger,” said Elliott Garlock of NanoIntegris. “Over the last 4 years, NanoIntegris has developed several hundred customers in 40 countries and customer satisfaction has been outstanding. Over 130 research papers have been published enabled by our materials. Nanotech researchers have achieved record breaking results with our products that were not possible before we introduced high quality, electronically separated CNTs to market. Of course an important milestone in commercializing any technology is cost competitiveness with incumbent and alternative technologies. When we complete this vertical integration with Raymor and roll out new manufacturing processes, we’ll be selling high purity semiconducting and conductive inks that will be cost competitive with organic semiconductors, ITO materials, and other solution based electronic materials.”
Through its two divisions, AP&C and Raymor Nanotech, Raymor Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of spherical titanium (and other high melting point metal) powders and of SWCNTs. NanoIntegris Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Raymor Industries Inc., is a leading manufacturer of high purity semiconducting and metallic CNT materials.
Source: NanoIntegris
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