Cambrios and Okura Industrial Co. Ltd. to Develop Family of Transparent Conductive Film Products Utilizing Cambrios ClearOhm Ink

(Nanowerk News) Cambrios Technologies Corporation, the leader in nanotechnology-based solutions for transparent conductive electronic devices, today announced its collaboration with prominent film processing maker, Okura Industrial Co. Ltd., to create a family of high performance transparent conductive films based on the Cambrios ClearOhm™ coating material.
“The large area touch market needs multiple film suppliers that can provide transparent conductive film based on ClearOhm™ coating material for a wide range of conductivities and at a competitive cost. Okura has the right combination of technical expertise, quality and high volume production capabilities to do just that,” said John LeMoncheck, President and CEO of Cambrios. “We expect Okura to become a significant supplier in the marketplace in the foreseeable future and we’re delighted that large area touch sensor makers will be able to purchase transparent conductive film based on ClearOhm™ coating material from another very capable, world-renowned film maker.”
Okura will supply samples of its transparent conductive film based on Cambrios ClearOhm™ coating material to a select group of sensor makers with Cambrios in the future. With outstanding conductivity and excellent optical performance, this film is ideal for the emerging market of projected capacitive touch panels for tablets, laptops and all-in-one computers.
Large area touch sensors of seven inches or larger enable tablet, Ultrabook and all-in-one applications all require transparent conductive materials that offer high conductivity and excellent optical performance, at a low cost. Unlike indium tin oxide (ITO) and other previous generation materials, the Cambrios ClearOhm™ transparent conductive material meets the large area touch market’s stringent requirements, and is available at prices that enable the cost-effective development of consumer devices.
A film processing maker of high quality optical films to many flagship companies, Okura delivers unparalleled film quality, and has extensive experience with roll-to-roll coating techniques and capabilities to deposit hard coats and other materials on a variety of substrates, including PET. The company has leveraged its proficiency in working with ClearOhm™ material to develop a family of Okura ClearOhm™ film products and has already been supplying ClearOhm™ film for smartphones to Cambrios. The company will solidify its role in the emerging supply chain for large area touch panels using ClearOhm™ material.
Okura’s film development expertise combined with the exceptional performance and high conductivity of the Cambrios ClearOhm™ material will deliver high quality Okura transparent conductive film products.
Okura will cooperate in joining Cambrios’ expanding list of expert film maker partners that also includes Toray Advanced Films, Hitachi Chemical and DIC. Cambrios has partnered with leading system makers and sensor makers to develop a viable ClearOhm™ ecosystem for ODMs and device makers, with production products shipping today. Cambrios will showcase the ClearOhm™ ecosystem at CEATEC Japan 2012 from October 2 - 6, 2012 to give large area touch sensor makers and leading OEM and ODM companies an opportunity to interact with and adopt ClearOhm™-based touch solutions for large devices.
To learn more and to request a meeting with Cambrios at CEATEC JAPAN 2012, please contact: [email protected]
About Cambrios
Cambrios leads the industry in providing solutions based on proprietary, innovative technologies for consumer electronics markets using nanotechnology. Its breakthrough transparent conductor products, available today, simplify electronics manufacturing processes and improve end-product cost and performance for current and next-generation consumer devices such as large area and flexible touch, and other high conductivity, optically clear applications. The company's first product, its ClearOhm™ coating material, produces a transparent, conductive film by wet processing with significantly higher optical and electrical performance than currently used materials such as indium tin oxide. Applications of ClearOhm coating material include transparent electrodes for touch screens, EMI shielding, OLED displays, e-paper, OLED lighting and thin film photovoltaics.
Cambrios is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices in Japan and Taiwan. ClearOhm™ is a trademark of Cambrios Technologies Corporation.
About Okura
Okura has a lengthy track record with respect to processing optical film by using core technologies of film-forming, stretching, coating, laminating, and sizing for many years as a film processing maker and leads the industry in providing high quality film.
Source: Cambrios (press release)
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