Clean Energy Nanotechnology Collaboration Between Biodico and LamdaGen Corporation

(Nanowerk News) Biodico, Inc. and LamdaGen Corporation have announced a collaboration whereby LamdaGen’s nano-based Meta-Catalytic Surface (MCS) technology will be integrated into Biodico’s Research & Development programs for biomass-based diesel, combined heat and power, and biochemicals. Additional LamdaGen technologies will be incorporated into Biodico’s ongoing R&D programs which also developed the game changing ARIES© Technology (Automated Real-time, Remote, Integrated Energy System) under the auspices of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Navy. The CRADA formally commenced on May 1, 2002. Biodico is located at the National Environment Technology Test Site on Naval Base Ventura County, California.
Biodico President & Founder, Russ Teall commented, “We look forward to our collaboration with LamdaGen and the potential that MCS technology brings to further develop clean energy production for both biofuels and combined heat and power.” Teall added, “The R&D currently funded by the California Energy Commission at our biorefinery at Naval Base Ventura should dove-tail ideally with LamdaGen’s technologies.”
“We are excited to be collaborating with Biodico in applying our MCS nano-technology to the energy sector,” said Randy Storer, CEO and Co-Founder of LamdaGen Corporation. “We manufacture highly catalytic functional nanomaterials in the form of continuous metallic thin films that can be economically manufactured and tuned for specific applications relevant to bio-energy,” he added. “Biodico is an ideal partner for us to move forward with.”
About Biodico, Inc.
Biodico is a privately held company located in Santa Barbara, California that builds, owns and operates sustainable biorefineries and distributed energy systems for the public and private sectors. The company collaborates with strategic partners in private industry and academia implementing patented and proprietary technologies while advancing new initiatives. The company and its management are known nationally for pioneering technologies in next generation biofuels, combined heat and power, and biochemicals. Additional information can be found at
About LamdaGen Corporation
LamdaGen is a nano-technology platform company that provides sensors and analytical systems for protein sciences and diagnostics, as well as functional nanomaterials supporting catalytic application in cleantech and energy. The company’s LightPath™ systems and sensors enable real-time characterization of biomolecular, enzymatic and chemical type reactions. LamdaGen is a privately held company headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information, visit
Source: LamdaGen (press release)
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