Vorbeck Materials Expands Vor-ink Capacity; Launches Online Store

(Nanowerk News) Vorbeck Materials, an established leader in graphene production and engineering, announces a new online store, the completion of its latest capacity expansion, and new specialized Vor-ink™ products. With the launch of the online store, sample quantities of conductive inks and coatings can be purchased quickly and easily. "With all the excitement surrounding graphene research, developers across the world demand graphene samples, in order to evaluate the real advantages of this new material. We are not theorizing about space elevators, or bullet-proof cellphones. What we sell is a very unique conductive ink that has enabled high volume printed electronics applications, in stores today. " Alex Carter, Senior Associate, Business Development.
In order to support customer demand, Vorbeck has expanded the production of Vor-ink™ graphene based conductive inks. "By adding new real estate and production equipment to our Jessup, MD facility, we were able to move ahead of schedule to the next phase in our scale up plan. This latest installation brings our annual Vor-ink™ capacity to over 40 tons." Bob Heuser, Vice-President, Engineering & Operations. This complements the existing plan for a new 42,000 square foot production facility in Pocomoke City, MD, which will commence production in late 2013.
With increased scale, Vorbeck is now offering volume pricing five times lower than expensive silver inks. Prices even challenge existing graphite and amorphous carbon inks, while preserving ten times better conductivity and extreme flexibility. "Not only are we increasing production of our graphene based conductive inks, but we are giving customers more options. Based on feedback from our partners, we have created a new high resolution screen ink for fine features: Vor-ink™ Screen S102." Dan Scheffer, Director, Research & Development.
About Vorbeck Materials Corp.
Vorbeck Materials Corp. is a technology company established in 2006 to manufacture and develop applications using Vor-x (R), Vorbeck's patented graphene material developed at Princeton University. Vorbeck launched the world's first commercial graphene product with the introduction of Vor-ink™, a graphene-based conductive ink for electronics applications. Vorbeck Materials is the first and only company to receive EPA approval for the commercial production and sale of graphene-based products. Other products by Vorbeck include high performance polymer composites, and award-winning battery technology. Further information is available at www.vorbeck.com
Source: Vorbeck Materials (press release)
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