LatticeGear, LLC. Has Arrived in Oregon's Silicon Forest

(Nanowerk News) LatticeGear, LLC.-Silicon Wafer Cleaving Tools, was founded January 2012 in Beaverton, Oregon. The new company, founded by Janet Teshima and Efrat Moyal, supplies and manufactures smart wafer cleaving tools designed to shrink the need for expensive machinery and costly training time.
LatticeGear’s flagship product is the patent pending LatticeAxTM silicon wafer cleaver. The LatticeAx bridges imprecise manual cleaving and costly instruments with slow cycle time. LatticeGear will also sell products providing solutions to the wafer cleaving workflow via an online store at
Wafer cleaving tools such as the LatticeAx enable users to cleave whole wafers and wafer pieces, cleanly and accurately, to dimensions suitable for direct analysis or continued sample preparation using other instrumentation. The company’s main objective is to supply simple, fast, mobile, clean and precise cleaving solutions with low COO and high ROI.
According to Teshima “It may seem surprising but even as technology advances, a lot of wafer cleaving continues to be required to develop and monitor high yielding semiconductor processes. Our customers are busy and the last thing they want to do is spend excessive time preparing samples for inspection. Enter LatticeGear to the rescue.”
LatticeGear has chosen WinTech Design, LLC., Corvallis, Oregon to manufacture the LatticeAx product.
LatticeGear has chosen UX Design Consultants (, Beaverton, Oregon, to design our corporate identity, branding, marketing materials and website. Marc Tringali, Design Consultant at UXDC, says “Working with Janet and Efrat to build LatticeGear from the ground up has been a rewarding experience. Their commitment to a quality product and a quality user and customer experience has made our job of designing marketing materials and site interaction much easier. They allowed us to pay attention to details and create a finished from the very beginning.”
About LatticeGear
LatticeGear, LLC. founded in January 2012, our company is made up of individuals who are passionate about providing smart wafer cleaving tools that will eliminate the need for expensive machinery and costly training time. Corporate headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon.
Source: LatticeGear (press release)
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