A Graphene Commercialization Breakthrough

(Nanowerk News) Haydale in conjunction with its North American agent Cheap Tubes Inc. (CTI) is proud to announce a multiple products launch for the Printed Electronics Graphene Live and Photovoltaics USA 5th and 6th of December 2012 - Santa Clara Convention Center 5001 Great America Pkwy Santa Clara, CA 95054.
  • The first European commercial product containing Graphenes and nothing but Graphenes, conductive inks.
  • A Graphene Lithium Ion Battery Anode composite intercalated/decorated with Silicon.
  • Graphene based Sensors.
  • Graphene/Zinc Oxide Sensors.
  • Graphene as a Catalytic support (R&D status).
  • Haydale and CTI will be happy to discuss sales, supply, and will also be happy to engage in discussion with visitors who wish to explore collaborative market exploitation opportunities. North American customers are encouraged to discuss these opportunities with CTI.
    Haydale's future applications being offered for collaborative development are OLED Lighting, Transparent Conductors, Logic & Memory, Printed Electronics Manufacturing, Catalytic support, Stretchable and Sensing Electronics as well as Solar Opportunities, Energy Storage, and advanced carbon based materials for Lithium Ion battery electrodes.
    Prelaunch product details will follow.
    Cheap Tubes is the sole and exclusive Agent for Haydale's range of innovative nanostructures to the North American market, for ordering or additional information please visit us at www.cheaptubes.com or call us at 802.254.6969.
    Source: Cheap Tubes (press release)
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