Nanotech Security Secures First Patent in Optical Nanotechnology for Security and Authentication

(Nanowerk News) Nanotech Security Corp., developer of next-generation security and authentication products based on nanotechnology, announces the successful granting of a parent-patent.
The US patent includes claims for its specialized nano-hole structures and the applications for these features in the security and authentication industry. The patent encompasses the structure, design and manufacturing process for NTS’s security technology, NOtES®, which deploys a controlled array of extremely tiny holes that can be quickly imprinted in large numbers directly onto virtually any surface, creating a vibrant, crisp, ultra high definition image. This highly sophisticated authentication feature replicates nano-scale (billionth of a meter) light-reflective structures similar to those found in nature, for example on the iridescent wings of certain butterflies.
The patent (USA Patent No. 8,253,536B2) names the Company’s Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bozena Kaminska and its Chief Technology Officer, Clint Landrock as co-inventors. The patent covers a number of core aspects of Nanotech’s technology including claims for the use of optically efficient nano-hole arrays as security features. The patent also claims the use of nano-scale structures that are smaller than a wavelength of light in conjunction with printable electronic components such as electronic displays, batteries and solar cells. Originally filed in early 2009, the patent has been assigned to Simon Fraser University where it is exclusively sub-licensed to Nanotech pending its transfer to a Nanotech affiliate upon completion of its Advance Royalty obligations schedule to complete next year.
Core Patent is Key to Commercialization and Licensing of Nanotech’s NOtES® Feature
Doug Blakeway, CEO and Chairman of Nanotech, commented on the patent grant “The receipt of this overarching patent was an enormous accomplishment for Nanotech. We are pleased to have shown that we are the first company to have developed a highly sophisticated solution for authentication using this unique approach. This represents a critical step to protecting the potential value of this technology worldwide.”
Mr. Blakeway added, “This parent patent is at the foundation for not only further uses and new designs in the security and authentication space, but branches out to many other applications involving nano-optics with extremely high optical efficiency – including solar cell technologies. We believe that nano-optic technology is in its infancy, and has huge potential for growth.”
About Nanotech Security Corp
Nanotech Security Corp. is developing its nanotechnology for the authentication and anti-counterfeiting market under exclusive sub-license from Simon Fraser University, where the technology originated. Founded in 1984, Nanotech Security Corp. has developed technology and services in areas of criminal justice, infrared night-viewing, tracking security and forensics.
Upon development being successfully completed, Nano-tech products are expected to be usable both overtly through an image visible to the naked eye and also in a covert manner, including invisible (to the eye) authentication features which will employ machine readable data. The images produce vibrant colours and seemingly moving images which allow observers to quickly identify the authenticity of the product to which a plasmogram® optical marker or tag has been affixed. The technology works by using nano-scale structures - smaller than the wavelength of light - to capture ambient light using ultra-high optical efficiency and high pixel density. These plasmograms® can be directly imprinted into nearly any surface including polymers, metals and even paper, becoming part of the product itself. Its outstanding optical performance means it can be used without mirror-like coatings found on traditional security features like holograms, and can be applied as a transparent security window display. The company is working to enhance security for currency as well as many other applications including authenticating legal documents, merchandise, concert tickets, tax-paid stamps, medical & credit transactional cards, visas & passports, pharmaceuticals and for eye-catching brand and logo recognition. More information about the Company can be found at the Company’s website or
Source: Nanotech Security (press release)
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