Quantum Wave Fund Launches First Venture Capital Firm With Focus on Emerging Quantum Technologies

(Nanowerk News) Quantum Wave Fund (Qwave) with headquarters in Boston today announced it has raised $30 million in capital with potential to reach $100 million dollars to fund breakthrough companies that utilize quantum materials and technologies. Quantum Wave Fund is the first fund specialized for companies developing technologies suitable for quantum technologies. Quantum physics is a hot area and quantum particles was the winning topic for the 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics.
Though typically considered far into the future, quantum physics is being commercialized today by scientist/entrepreneurs to solve real-world challenges. Quantum materials and technologies are rapidly evolving and entrepreneurs are harnessing new technologies to create breakthrough companies. An understanding of quantum physics spawned the semiconductor industry and ushered in the development of laser technologies. Among the potential results of this research are safe data transmission networks, new materials with superior properties, optical sub-micron transistors, high-frequency optical electronics, new systems for ultrasensitive imaging of the brain, and compact and accurate clocks for navigation systems. Moreover, new innovations based on cutting-edge quantum technology will dominate the future landscape of many industries including IT and security. When quantum communications and computation go mainstream, the Quantum Fund will be one of the pioneers to drive this opportunity.
The fund's current pipeline companies represent the fastest growing segments in areas of quantum technologies, including quantum encryption security, new materials and quantum devices. The Fund invests in early stage companies with developed products all over the world. The amount of investment ranges from two million to ten million dollars. In addition to funding, Quantum Wave Fund will help these companies to improve processes in engineering, production, marketing and sales when ready to supply these devices to the global market.
The Quantum Wave Fund Team
The fund's key team members and advisors bring a unique and high level of entrepreneurial and technological experience. The fund's team is composed of a mix of physicists with PhDs in nuclear physics, computer science, and high-tech engineers who are also experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record in company development and operational successes. The fund's scientific advisory board includes professors and scientists from Harvard, Purdue and quantum centers around the world providing the highest level of quantum experience. Fund members' rich business experience and past successes position the team to identify quantum technology investments and understand market opportunities.
About Quantum Wave Fund
Quantum Wave Fund is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies with breakthrough quantum technology. Our mission is to help these companies capitalize on their opportunities and provide a platform for our investors to participate in the quantum technology wave. For more information, visit http://qwcap.com/.
Source: Quantum Wave Fund (press release)
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