Arkema Exhibits its Product Line Dedicated to Nanomaterials at Tokyo Nanotech Tradeshow

(Nanowerk News) Arkema, a global chemical player, is an acknowledged leader in the development of nanomaterials thanks to two product groups developed by its R&D: the Graphistrength® range of carbon nanotubes, and the Nanostrength® range of acrylic block copolymers, developed from its BlocBuilder® radical polymerization technology, both of which impart greater mechanical strength and/or conductivity to thermoplastic and thermoset materials. Nanotech 2013 from January 30th to February 1st 2013 will be the occasion for Arkema to exhibit its latest developments in nanomaterials.
This tradeshow will enable Arkema to showcase three innovations developed from its know-how in the nanostructuring of materials: the use at very low rates (around 100 ppm) of Graphistrength® in thermoplastic matrices in order to enhance their mechanical performance, the new nanostructured Altuglas ShieldUp® PMMA sheet, particularly resistant to impact, and Apolhya™ Solar, a transparent thermoplastic, also nanostructured, designed for the encapsulation of new generation photovoltaic modules.
- Graphistrength® carbon nanotubes masterbatches facilitate CNT introduction during the manufacture of compounds and liquid dispersions, while imparting outstanding electrical conductivity and/or mechanical strength. Arkema recently demonstrated the added value of Graphistrength® used at very low rates, of the order of 100 ppm, in thermoplastic matrices. Mechanical performances such as rigidity and impact resistance are improved, and so is UV resistance. They aid the behavior of thermoplastics during processing, and in some applications like pipes, help improve the quality of welds. These benefits help optimize formulations, enhance productivity, and reduce thickness in some cases thereby yielding products that fulfill specifications more competitively. This is a new promising application for Graphistrength® in a number of areas, in particular industrial applications such as the transportation of wastewater.
- The Altuglas® ShieldUp sheet is a new nanostructured acrylic glass based on the Blocbuilder® technology, in which the material is « meshed » and organized on a nanometer scale in order to maximize its properties. This results in more lightweight glazing (50% lighter than glass) combining sturdiness and transparency at any temperature. This combination of properties considerably expands the traditional fields of application of PMMA in industries such as aeronautics, automotive and safety glazing. French automaker Renault recently started to use this material as a substitute to glass for the panoramic sunroof of some of its electric car models.
- Apolhya™ Solar is one of the latest innovations dedicated to the photovoltaics market. This nanostructured transparent thermoplastic polymer designed for the encapsulation of new generation photovoltaic modules, combines thermomechanical, adhesiveness and creep resistance properties with perfect transparency.
Finally, Arkema will also present its Nanostrength® acrylic block copolymer range, used to help nanostructure polymers in order to enhance their performances. This product is incorporated as an additive into certain thermoplastic or thermoset matrices to help modify their structuring on a nanometer scale and so produce unique properties, e.g. superior mechanical strength, without losing the inherent properties of the matrices such as thermal resistance, transparency, and chemical stability. Arkema is currently the world’s only chemicals producer to market such a product range, which it is expanding steadily.
Source: Arkema (press release)
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