'Optical Microscopy Over the Web' - NanoScope Services Extends Its Unique LiveFIB Focused Ion Beam Web Conferencing Capability

(Nanowerk News) NanoScope Services Ltd. An innovative European provider of outsourced microscopy and ion beam ‘nano-surgery’ services, announced today the extension of its novel LiveFIB™ web based consultancy capability – to include high resolution optical microscopy.
Customers may now view their samples using the advantages of complimentary microscopy techniques, and while discussing all aspects of the nano-surgery or nano-analysis being conducted simultaneously with their engineer.
Live video feed of a circuit modification
Live video feed of a circuit modification.
These powerful visual aids combined with the ability to supervise a project remotely, has removed the need for an engineer to travel when managing these specialist projects, and so reduces the time needed in preparation and travel and all associated costs.
With next-day couriers, clients from all parts of Europe may send samples today and capture live results from them tomorrow.
This sets a new European cost efficiency standard for rapid prototyping of semiconductor devices or analysis of materials, and helps reduce the carbon footprint of using external services.
“Web conferencing with direct microscope outputs effectively puts a powerful suite of lab tools with expert operators, in the office of every engineer or researcher. NanoScope’s clients now have immediate access to world class results on an ‘as needed’ basis, and at a tiny fraction of the cost of owning or operating those tools themselves. Applications like optical inspection or nano-manipulation or FIB nano-prototyping, circuit edit or ‘Ultra-thin’ TEM foil sectioning, can be performed with live video feeds to any clients PC, and without lengthy preparation or training.’ stated Alan Miller, Senior Applications Specialist at NanoScope.
About NanoScope Services Ltd
NanoScope is an independent European FIB technology and microscopy services company, offering expert consultancy and access to Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) on a commercial basis. We routinely support over 450 clients at over 100 different high tech organisations across the Nano-research, Materials science and Semiconductor communities. We specialise in fast turnaround complex interventions on advanced and demanding samples.
For more detailed information go to http://www.nanoscopeservices.com/gpage1.html
Source: NanoScope Services (press release)
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