APIX Secures Rights to Industry Leading Nanoscale Sensor Technology

(Nanowerk News) Analytical Pixels Technology (“APIX”) today announces the signature of a comprehensive intellectual property licensing agreement with France’s foremost research organization: CEA-Leti, and California’s leading technology college: Caltech. Under this exclusive agreement, APIX secures extensive rights to a large portfolio of patents and technologies related to silicon nano-scale sensors and other complementary devices.
“This licensing contract is the corner stone that will allow APIX to bring to market the most advanced family of miniaturized, ultra-sensitive gas chromatography devices” says Philippe Andréucci, APIX co-founder and Vice President of Business Development.
The use of nano-scale silicon components represents a major progress in miniaturizing gas chromatography devices, and making them more sensitive, more robust and eventually ubiquitous. APIX is currently the only company in its field bringing to market devices based on nano-scale silicon components.
“ The patent portfolio licensed to APIX along with the underlying technology is the result of many years of advanced research performed in our institution within the Kavli Nanoscience Institute under the leadership of Professor Michael Roukes” says Frederic Farina, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of Technology Transfer at Caltech.
“For seven years, the CEA-Leti and Caltech have worked in close cooperation to mature the nano-scale devices that are now licensed to APIX. We are all proud to see this advanced technology being brought to market by the APIX team” adds Leti CEO Laurent Malier,
Under the terms of this agreement, APIX will develop and bring to market several product families targeting the needs of cleantech, energy, environment, defense/security and biomedical companies.
Initial products introduction is expected in the early part of 2013 with an initial focus on the industrial and petrochemical markets.
In addition to this licensing contract, an extensive multi-year joint development agreement has been launched by the three partners for the continuous development and improvement of this technology.
APIX will be present at PITTCON 2013 in Philadelphia (PA, USA), March 17-21, 2013.
About APIX
Analytical Pixels technology was created in 2011 to manufacture and sell Gas Chromatography products based on the research conducted jointly by the CEA (France) and Caltech (USA). Using APIX highly integrated, silicon based multi-gas analysis devices, users are able to bring the full power of Gas Chromatography in-situ and perform real time monitoring at a reduced cost compared to today’s model. APIX designed silicon devices are manufactured in one of the world leading CMOS and MEMS facility at CEA-Leti Grenoble. APIX is headquartered in Grenoble (France) with engineering and business operations in the United States.
Source: APIX (press release)
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