Nanologica and Nanolek to Develop Drugs in Based on Nanoporous Materials Platform

(Nanowerk News) The Stockholm-based biotech company Nanologica AB and the Russian biotech company Nanolek LLC announced today that they have signed a contract for formulation of pharmaceutical drug products using Nanologica´s patented and praised nanoporous materials platform.
The contract involves manufacturing of novel drugs, whereby Nanologica is responsible for formulating active pharmaceutical ingredients into porous particles and Nanolek will develop, manufacture and distribute the final formulation in Russia and the rest of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
“ We are pleased to announce this agreement as it validates our technology in a global market. The CIS market has a population of 300 million people and is one of four focus markets where we see strong demand for our technology. Nanolek´s knowledge and professionalism have impressed and we are now evaluating further opportunities for cooperation”, says Andreas Bhagwani, CEO Nanologica.
“ Nanologica is a world leading company in nanotechnology functional excipients development for the medicinal drug production. This is exactly the area of our interest. Nanolek intends to adopt practices of our western partners. I have no doubt that an effective and fruitful synergy between our companies will lead us to real results and enable us to develop and produce next generation drugs”, says Mikhail Nekrasov, CEO of Nanolek.
“ Russia has a very strong tradition in chemistry and natural sciences and is rapidly becoming a world leader in nanotechnology. It is very gratifying that Nanolek recognizes Nanologica´s technology platform which is ideal for pharmaceutical formulation and drug delivery. This shows that Nanologica is competitive in a very fast-moving technology market. It is especially remarkable that Nanologica´s technology is based on research findings from the last five years, which shows that the path from discovery to commercial application doesn´t have to be long”, adds Professor Sven Lidin, Board Member Nanologica.
About Nanologica
Nanologica specializes in innovative nano-porous structures for use in drug delivery and purification. The patented technology gives Nanologica the opportunity to create structures with new properties and functionalities - based on their size, shape and composition. Nanologica´s unique technology is based on nanotechnology research at Stockholm University and Uppsala University. For more information, visit
About Nanolek
Nanolek is a Russian biotech company that develops and manufactures innovative drugs based on nanotechnology. The company has a partnership with the state owned Russian company Rusnano which manages the world's largest government investment in nanotechnology with a budget of 318 billion rubles (3.95 billion euros). For more information, visit
Source: Nanologica (press release)
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