NanoMech Inc. Receives Top Emerging Nano Innovator Award from the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association

(Nanowerk News) NanoMech Inc. announced today that for the second year in a row the company received the Top Emerging Nano Innovator Award from the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA), a leading business association dedicated to protecting and promoting the burgeoning nanotechnology industry.
NanoMech was recognized for their marketing leading innovations with the proprietary nanomanufactured products TuffTek®, nGlide® and nGuard®.
Vince Caprio, Executive Director of NanoBCA , said “NanoMech has been on our radar for several years. The advancements they are making in the materials science and nanomanufactured products space is nothing short of game changing. It is an honor to recognize such an innovative company that is improving the science in their field and launching revolutionary products.”
Jim Phillips, NanoMech President and CEO said, “We are thrilled that our work remains on the cutting edge of the industry and has been recognized by NanoBCA as one the top emerging nano innovators in 2013. We know the products we are selling are transforming industries overnight and outside recognition lets us know we are on the right path.”
NanoMech is rapidly expanding the scope of products produced and sold in 2013. “This is a very exciting time for NanoMech,” said Founder and CTO Ajay Malshe. “We have a solid team of world class scientists innovating every day to create much more advanced products that our customers love.”
About NanoMech
NanoMech Inc. was founded in 2002 and creates advanced engineering materials through patent and patent-pending nano-engineered and nano-manufactured product development. NanoMech is a pioneer in applying breakthrough innovations to robust areas of national interest including machining and manufacturing, lubrication and energy, and strategic military applications. NanoMech is a member of President Obama’s Materials Genome Initiative, the U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative (USMCI) and the U.S. Technology Leadership and Strategy Initiative, both based in Washington, DC. For more information please visit
Source: NanoMech
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