Nano Labs Presents "A Nanotechnology Approach to Immunology: Challenges and Opportunities" at World Immunology Conference

(Nanowerk News) Nano Labs Corp. reports that Dr. Victor Castano, Chief Innovations Officer of Nano Labs, presented "A nanotechnology approach to immunology: challenges and opportunities." at the Target Meeting ("TM") 2nd World Immunology Online Conference.
The TM 2nd World Immunology Online Conference, held March 19-21, 2013, included sixty (60) international speakers over the three (3) day conference, providing speakers and attendees with in-depth discussion, collaboration and networking.
Dr. Castano's presentation included a historical review of how nanostructures, both natural and man-made, have played important roles in immunology, emphasizing the challenges and advantages that are present through novel nanoscale approaches.
Dr. Castano further presented a number of Nano Labs' projects currently underway, including using state-of-the art technologies, such as MEMS and NEMS, for immunological applications, discussing the potential limitations and challenges that such techniques pose for the practicing immunologists. (For further reading, please refer to Nano Labs' press release of March 4, 2013, entitled "Nano Labs Develops Diagnostic Technology to Identify Tuberculosis (TB) Through Novel Nanotechnologies. Researchers Present Industry With Promising Diagnostic Test Results Identifying TB Through Nano Biosensors".)
"The online conference was a great success. You have to appreciate how so many internally recognized experts can come together in an innovative and informative fashion, all without the travel and expense, to collaborate and exchange ideas," stated Dr. Castano. "Our tuberculosis detector was very well received and attracted a lot of attention from American and European organizations interested in continuing discussions. There are many remarkable and major developments happening in the life sciences sector that are game changing right now and we look forward to being a part of that."
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Source: Nano Labs (press release)
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