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(Nanowerk News) Herzan LLC announces the release of The LFS System – an upgradeable feature for the AVI Series, vastly improving the low frequency vibration isolation performance of an already industry-leading platform. The LFS System enables AVI Series platforms to isolate vibrations at 0.5 Hz, marking a significant improvement in the sub-herz frequency bandwidth. The LFS System is versatile in its applicability and is compatible with all AVI-200, AVI-400, and AVI-600 LP Series platforms.
Herzan LFS System
The LFS System utilizes a complementary feed forward arrangement of sensors, specifically focusing on isolating the lower frequency bandwidth of vibrations. The technology behind the LFS system is an advanced configuration of high sensitivity sensors measuring low frequency vibrations along the two horizontal axes. The environmental information gathered by the sensors feed into an AVI platform controller, sending signals to the piezoelectric actuators to cancel out low frequency vibrations. The LFS system focuses its vibration isolation abilities solely in the horizontal axes to maximize the impact of the vibration isolation performance.
The LFS System is universally accessible in that it can be retrofitted into previously installed AVI platforms or incorporated into new AVI platforms. Ann Scanlan, Herzan’s President and Chief of Engineering, found this specific feature attractive for past, present, and future customers of the AVI Series platform. Ann suggests, “Often times a company will release an upgrade feature exclusive to new versions of products, fragmenting the customer population and leaving legacy customers behind. We are proud the LFS System is accessible to both past and future customers, enabling all to benefit from the significant vibration isolation improvements the LFS System provides”.
In addition to achieving sub-herz vibration isolation, the LFS System maintains a high level of stability and consistency by removing the effects of temperature fluctuations on the sensors’ measurement capabilities. Each LFS System incorporates a temperature stability feature to maintain reliable performance of the LFS System over long measurement periods.
The LFS System provides one of the fundamental components for achieving higher quality research data—low frequency vibration isolation. The LFS System is an ideal solution for a broad range of users wanting to advance the capabilities of their high resolution microscopes. Herzan looks forward to including the LFS System into its stable of products and partnering with customers to effectively isolate the environment from their research application.
The LFS System is available worldwide beginning April 1st, 2013. For more information, please contact [email protected] or please visit
About Herzan
Herzan LLC is a comprehensive environmental solutions provider to the high precision research market. Herzan is headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA, with sales and service staff throughout North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Source: Herzan (press release)
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