Grafoid Inc. and CapTherm Systems Inc. Joint Venture to Develop Next-Generation Graphene Cooling Systems for EV and LED Applications

(Nanowerk News) Focus Graphite Inc. on behalf of Grafoid Inc., announced today Grafoid's joint venture development agreement with Coquitlam, British Columbia-based CapTherm Systems Inc. to develop and commercialize next generation, multiphase thermal management systems for electric vehicle (EV) battery and light emitting diode (LED) technologies.
CapTherm Systems Inc - Progressive Thermal Management is a thermal management/cooling company specializing in personal computer, server, LED, and electric vehicle cooling systems. It develops and commercializes proprietary, next-generation high-power electronics cooling technologies.
Its multiphase cooling technologies represent the core of its products that harness the power of latent heat from vaporization.
Under the terms of the agreement, Grafoid Inc., a company invested in the production of high-energy graphene and the development of graphene industrial applications will supply both materials and its science for adapting graphene to CapTherm's existing EV and LED cooling systems.
"This alliance represents a milestone for both companies in their pursuit of cutting edge, energy-saving, green technology graphene applications," said George Economo, Grafoid's business development manager.
"Integrating graphene's superior thermal conductivity to CapTherm's existing EV and LED cooling applications goes to the core of Grafoid's IP development strengths," he said.
CapTherm Systems CEO & Technical Director Timo Minx said next generation cooling technologies require next generation materials.
"Graphene and its properties as a superconductor will enable CapTherm to position itself well for future thermal challenges," Mr. Minx said.
"Making our products even more competitive by taking advantage of graphene's lateral and vertical heat spreading capabilities is a logical step in advancing our science to meet those future challenges," Mr. Minx added.
He said graphene is a novel 21st century material that has the potential to revolutionize a multitude of markets.
About Grafoid Inc.
Grafoid, Inc., is a privately owned graphene investment and graphene business development company establishing international standards for the production of economically scalable graphene.
Focus Graphite Inc. holds a major interest in Grafoid on behalf of its shareholders.
About CapTherm Systems Inc.
CapTherm specializes in the development and commercialization of proprietary next-generation high-power electronics cooling technologies. Solid state multiphase technology represents the core of CapTherm's products and harnesses the raw power of latent heat of vaporization. The CT Fusion line of products is the only commercially available electronics cooling product in the market that takes advantage of a phase change (from liquid to vapor) in combination with a thermal pump to create a pumped cooling loop with no moving parts requiring no additional electric power offering increased reliability and performance over contemporary cooling systems. Our technology enables the creation of a broad range of industry applications that require smaller but higher performance, higher reliability and more energy efficient products - all at a lower cost.
About Focus Graphite Inc.
Focus Graphite Inc. is an emerging mid-tier junior mining development company, a technology solutions supplier and a business innovator. Focus is the owner of the Lac Knife graphite deposit located in the Cote-Nord region of northeastern Quebec. Focus' goal is to assume an industry leadership position by becoming a low-cost producer of technology-grade graphite. As a technology-oriented enterprise with a view to building long-term, sustainable shareholder value, Focus Graphite is also investing in the development of graphene applications and patents through Grafoid Inc.
Source: Focus Graphite (press release)
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