Caesium Ion Gun for SIMS

(Nanowerk News) The Hiden IG5C high-brightness caesium ion gun produces an intense beam of caesium ions ideally suited to SIMS depth profiling, surface physics and surface modification for analysis of electronegative elements and MCs+ clusters, where M is the element of interest.
caesium ion gun
Surface ionisation is by thermally-assisted decomposition, the intuitive PC interface providing automatic thermal management and ion beam diagnostics. Spot diameter is adjustable from 20 micron up to 80 micron with a current range from 0.1 to 150nA, and the caesium source element is fully user-replaceable, self-aligning and air stable. The interface enables full PC control of all beam focus and beam steering parameters, and also of the integral beam raster providing sweep times down to 64 microseconds.
The gun is configured for differential pumping and typically a turbo-molecular pump is used with pump speed near to 60L/S. Mounting to the user chamber is by a small 2.75 inch/70mm diameter Conflattype flange, and a manually-adjustable bellows is provided for initial beam alignment.
The IG5C ion gun complements the Hiden range of SIMS Workstations, analysers and ion sources. For further information on this or other Hiden products please contact Hiden Analytical at [email protected] or visit the main website at
Source: Hiden Analytical (press release)
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