LogFinish Announces Nanotechnology Breakthrough in Wood Seal Technology

(Nanowerk News) LogFinish.com, a NC based internet distributor of wood finishing products, joined forces with New Image Coatings to distribute the Seal-Once line of exterior wood waterproofing products, including Seal-Once Total Wood Protection and Seal-Once Marine. Their revolutionary formulas make each of these waterproofers stand out far above their competition, yielding a seal-tight surface that offers up to 10 years of protection from water, mold, mildew and UV damage.
Seal-Once Total Wood Protection is a high-performance water-based, non-toxic waterproofer and wood sealer that incorporates nanotechnology to provide a unique, long-lasting protective coating for all wood surfaces, including siding, decks and rails, outdoor furniture and log homes. It is available in clear and tinted formulas which penetrate deep into the wood’s surface. As it cures, it forms an interior film that prevents water from infiltrating the wood.
LogFinish.com President, Bill Frykberg, says, “Seal-Once is a breakthrough eco-friendly product. It is non-flammable and contains no VOCs, toxins or irritants. Seal-Once exceeds current eco-requirements.”
Seal-Once Marine Waterproofer opens up a huge new market for LogFinish.com to protect wood commonly found at marinas, golf courses and parks where wood structures have been erected over water. Seal Once Marine is the only waterproofer of its kind that can be applied directly over water without harming aquatic life and the surrounding environment. “We intend to target this new market aggressively,” says Frykberg.
Source: LogFinish (press release)
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