Molecular Imprints Ships Its Next Generation Imprint Module System Targeted For Use In Semiconductor Memory Production

(Nanowerk News) Molecular Imprints, Inc. (MII), a technology leader in advanced semiconductor lithography and the market and technology leader for nanopatterning systems and solutions, today announced the shipment of the first of three advanced imprint modules scheduled for this quarter that will be integrated into MII's equipment partner's stepper systems. These modules include the latest MII proprietary Jet and Flash™ Imprint Lithography (J-FIL™) technology which will deliver the performance required for high volume manufacturing of advanced semiconductor memory devices at sub-20nm dimensions.
"Our latest imprint module shipments incorporate enhanced magnification control and exposure technology along with better onboard resist filtration, real time precision machine controls, and an upgraded resist jetting system which significantly improve defectivity, throughput, overlay accuracy and overall cost of ownership," said Mark Melliar Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Molecular Imprints. "All these improvements were achieved while still delivering a lower cost system platform and smaller footprint. I want to congratulate our development and engineering teams for another outstanding job in product design and development and recognize the support and collaboration we received from our equipment partner. We look forward to seeing these systems in action at our semiconductor customer's production facility later this year."
About Molecular Imprints, Inc.
Molecular Imprints, Inc. (MII) is the technology leader for high-resolution, low cost-of-ownership nanopatterning systems and solutions in the semiconductor and hard disk drive (HDD) industries. MII is leveraging its innovative Jet and Flash™ Imprint Lithography (J-FIL™) technology to become the worldwide market and technology leader in high-volume patterning solutions for storage and memory devices, while enabling emerging markets in display, clean energy, biotechnology and other industries. MII enables nanoscale nano-manufacturing by delivering a comprehensive nanopatterning solution that is affordable, compatible and extendible to sub-10-nanometer resolution levels. For more information or to follow us on twitter, visit
Source: Molecular Imprints (press release)
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