Firmus SAM Granted New Patent for Graphene in Electronics

(Nanowerk News) Firmus SAM, a Monaco-based technology company, announced today that it has been granted a patent for a novel method of manufacturing electronics using two-dimensional carbon crystals like graphene. The patent also covers any devices made using this new method.
"This patent positions Firmus as a European innovator in the exciting and rapidly growing field of graphene," said company Chairman, Wojciech Janowski. "With the European Union providing 1 billion over the next 10 years through its Graphene Flagship Program, Firmus is well-placed to contribute to research and commercialization of this advanced material and to help make Monaco a centre of excellence for advanced technology."
As part of Isos Technologies SARL, a European enterprise engaged in graphene and epitaxy research & development and commercialization, Firmus is harnessing resources both in Monaco and at a production facility in Warsaw, Poland to explore ways to capitalize on this new intellectual property. "We expect to deploy graphene's potential in desalination, water treatment and contaminant removal, leveraging Firmus' track record in these fields," said Mr. Janowski. "In addition, we will explore other applications in electronics and other areas through our Polish facility."
Graphene is a revolutionary new material with the potential to fundamentally change many industries including electronics, communications and advanced materials used in fields like aerospace. Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon one atom thick, making it essentially two-dimensional. Formulated in this way, the carbon layer is transparent, highly conductive (100 times faster than the silicon used in most electronics today), thermally resistant (from -75C to +2,000C) and stronger and more flexible than many other materials, including steel.
Current research is exploring applications in fields as diverse as flexible electronics, micro and nano electro-mechanical systems, electrical transmission through power lines, opto-electronics, new composite components, chemical and biosensors, coatings for high wearing parts and for anti-bacterial purposes.
Source: Firmus (press release)
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