QuantumWise and DTU to Collaborate on Simulation of Large-scale Nanoelectronic Devices

(Nanowerk News) QuantumWise and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will engage in a project over the next 3 years to extend the capabilities of ATK. The goal is to simulate large-scale nano-electronic devices, where electron-phonon coupling is taken into account.
Computersimulation of the electrostatic potential in a nano-scale transistor, performed with ATK
Computersimulation of the electrostatic potential in a nano-scale transistor, performed with ATK.
The project, entitled “Nano-Scale Design Tools for the Semiconductor Industry”, focuses on developing new tools for simulating the electrical and thermal properties of nanoelectronic devices. The aim is to extend ATK to routinely simulate electrical characteristics and thermal heating of novel nano-scale devices containing more than 100,000 atoms.
The calculations will be based on an atomic-scale description and include electron-phonon couplings. To drastically increase the computational capacity of the algorithms in ATK, the software will be extended and modified to achieve high parallel scalability.
Funding for the project comes from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (Højteknologifonden), as announced today (30 May 2013 – link to official press release in Danish). The total budget is 18 million DKK, or more than 3 million USD, and the collaboration partners are QuantumWise (coordinator) and the two institutes DTU Compute and DTU Nanotech at the Technical University of Denmark.
One of the core project collaborators, Mads Brandbyge from DTU Nanotech has just received the Danish price ”Elektronprisen” for his pioneering work on the development of new methods for calculating heat transfer in nano chips. In the project, these new methods will be improved and built into ATK.
The project will start in September 2013 and will run over 3 years. The first new modules are planned for release in spring 2014.
Source: QuantumWise (press release)
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