DryWired Receives Military-Standard Certifications For Its Latest Protective Nanocoating Technology

(Nanowerk News) DryWired and its subsidiary DryWired Defense, called upon Santa Clara, California based Quanta Laboratories to test the resilience of the latest DryWired protective nano-coating against rigorous U.S. Military standards. Several DryWired nano-coated mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S3 were tested under strenuous conditions.
DryWired's nano-coated mobile devices successfully met the demands of Military Standard certification. DryWired's nano-coating was certified as having passed the Temperature Humidity Test (Per MIL-STD-810G Method 507.5), the Salt Fog Test (Per MIL-STD-810G Method 509.5), Water Ingress Test (Per IEC 60529 IPX7), and Dust Ingress Test (IEC 60529 IP5X. Particularly noteworthy is the Water Ingress Test, which gained DryWired's nano-coating a new IPX7 certification of one (1) hour under a meter of water, thereby doubling their competitor's claims of timed immersions. The extent and variety of these tests further highlights the DryWired nano-coating's ability to prolong the life of electronics subjected to a wide range of environmental hazards.
"We have spent the last few months looking for ways to strengthen our protective solutions and give further confidence to our customers that our nano-coating is the one to trust under harsh conditions. Today, it is with great pleasure that we publicize the results of several months of R&D," said Chief Operating Officer of DryWired, Felipe Pimiento. "Having a reputable independent third party like Quanta Laboratories perform our U.S. Military standard testing was important to us especially now that our coating is available through the streamlined GSA Acquisition process."
About DryWired
DryWired Defense™, a subsidiary of Los Angeles based technology firm DryWired, licenses, markets and distributes revolutionary patented nano-coating technologies internationally. DryWired™'s surface modification technologies are non-toxic, invisible, permanent and undetectable to touch. These nano-coating technologies were developed and refined over the last 30 years by Award-winning American and European engineers in the surface modification industries. DryWired™'s nano-coating technologies are backed by a combined 44 International Patent Families issued to our scientific and engineering partners. www.drywired.com
Source: DryWired (press release)
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