Semblant Brings a Simplified Nanocoating to Market

(Nanowerk News) Nano-materials company Semblant Ltd. today announces it has launched the PlasmaShieldô plasma conformal coat process to deliver the best in class environmental protection without the expense associated with material costs or manufacturing complexity. The PlasmaShield conformal coat process prevents solids and liquids from contacting electronics, protects against vapor damage (moisture, pollutant gasses, salts), and can mitigate tin whiskers.
Semblantís focus on the electronics industry allows it to deliver the ideal conformal coating solution that addresses the performance needs of military, aerospace and industrial equipment; automotive electronics, medical devices and other traditional high-reliability segments. PlasmaShield also addresses the unmet total manufacturing cost constraints of high-volume electronics manufacturers.
Key Facts
  • While traditional conformal coats are often plagued by the costs and complexities of manual masking and application processes, Semblantís plasma deposition process can reduce or eliminate the need to mask sensitive electronics and simplifies the manufacturing process, producing a continuously uniform and pinhole-free coating. Coating continuity is crucial in delivering the best protection against moisture, salts, harmful liquids, destructive gasses, tin whiskers, creep corrosion and other contaminants.
  • The PlasmaShield plasma deposition of thin coating simplifies rework. Coating removal is no longer required before repairing or replacing components, reducing the risk of damaging the printed circuit board (PCB) during removal process. In addition, concerns related to shelf life, potting life, curing time, and operator safety are eliminated.
  • The low total manufacturing costs of the PlasmaShield process now enable high-volume electronics manufacturers to incorporate moisture protection. Previously, this segment was unable to broadly adopt traditional conformal coats due to the manufacturing complexity, re-work difficulty and associated manufacturing costs.
  • Says Steven Lowder, Semblant CEO: ďOur PlasmaShield conformal coating process builds on Semblantís industry-leading plasma deposition process and materials, first offered in our Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF) PCB surface finish. Weíre excited to add PlasmaShield to our plasma deposition portfolio and the list of breakthrough advances our intellectual property is bringing to the electronics industry.Ē
    Steve McClure, Semblant vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, adds: ďSemblantís PlasmaShield provides a continuous, uniform coating, critical in delivering the best protection against moisture, salts, tin whiskers, and creep corrosion. By decreasing the need to mask sensitive components, Semblant has greatly reduced manufacturing complexity, redefining how the electronics industry builds high-reliability electronics with improved performance and reduced manufacturing costs.Ē
    About Semblant Ltd
    Semblant is the leader in innovative nanomaterials for electronics manufacturing. Its mission is to deliver advanced plasma process solutions that radically improve electronics manufacturing. Semblantís plasma processes reduce energy use, require no water or hazardous material recycling, and replace the need for expensive metals while providing improved product quality and lower manufacturing costs. With its disruptive technology, the company is addressing a $1.6 billion market, and a variety of applications including mobile devices, consumer electronics, enterprise computing, networking infrastructure, automotive and military-aerospace. Semblantís processes have achieved acceptance by major PCB manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. For more information, visit
    Source: Semblant (press release)
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