ZEISS Launches New Photomask Repair Tool MeRiT HR II

(Nanowerk News) The new generation system MeRiT® HR II from ZEISS offers a significantly higher degree of automation and increased flexibility in the repair of transparent and opaque defects. Any defect geometry on all known as well as new mask types and materials can be processed: Binary, OMOG, HD MoSi and EUV. The technical specifications of the MeRiT® HR II match to the industry roadmap and sharp market requirements.
The redesigned tool includes a sound automation package which enables a new level of automation with optimized repair flow. After a short setup routine the processes are able to seamlessly repair numerous defects without the need for human interaction. A higher throughput due to lower idling time is also offered. In case of any doubt a security interlock consults the operator who can intervene when necessary.
“The significantly improved automation level of the new MeRiT® HR II frees up precious operator time. Furthermore the combination of automation and manual repair provides an increased flexibility. Altogether the new system has its finger on the pulse as it includes the most relevant requirements mask shops have for repairing all kinds of photomask types in a very short time.” states Dr. Oliver Kienzle, head of the ZEISS strategic business unit Semiconductor Metrology Systems (SMS, www.zeiss.com/sms) who develops and sells the MeRiT® HR II.
With improved repair processes the MeRiT® HR II from ZEISS meets the repair specifications of today’s and future repair nodes. The new generation tool MeRiT® HR II will be presented at the ZEISS booth during the European Mask and Lithography Conference (EMLC) in Dresden, which takes part from June 25 – 27, 2013.
Further information about MeRiT® HR II can be found under: http://smt.zeiss.com/semiconductor-manufacturing-technology/en_de/products-solutions/photomask-systems/mask-repair.html
Business Group Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) of ZEISS
The Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology business group includes the Lithography Optics, Laser Optics and Semiconductor Metrology Systems business units. With a broad portfolio of products and globally leading know-how in the areas of lithography and optical modules, the business group covers various key processes in microchip production: as a developer and manufacturer of lithography optics, for example, the Lithography Optics business unit is a technology and market leader in this sector of the semiconductor industry. The portfolio of Laser Optics includes optical components for lithography lasers and subsystems for wafer inspection systems. With its inspection, repair and metrology systems, Semiconductor Metrology Systems focuses on the photomask, one of the core components of chip fabrication. In fiscal year 2011/12 the business group generated revenue of around 967 billion euros with a workforce of about 2,600 people. The business group is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany.
Source: Zeiss (press release)
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