American Graphite Technologies Inc. Announces Independent 3rd Party Graphene/Bucky Paper Test Results

(Nanowerk News) American Graphite Technologies Inc. announced it has received independent test results in regard to its project with CTI Nanotechnologies LLC.
CTI Nanotechnologies LLC (CTI) continues its development work on its hybrid bucky/graphene paper formulations and advanced coating technology and has made pre-production quality, highly conductive, flexible and mechanically stable self-supporting membrane samples consisting of assemblies of carbon nanotubes (CNT's), and graphene nano-platelets (GNP's) refined from mined graphite and other nano components. Independent analysis has confirmed that the materials are conductive, stable and processable on an industrial scale. The results are an important step in determining CTI's product's physical properties. The baseline test results confirm the direction of their current research/testing and provides valuable insight into process refinement & optimization for specific applications.
The hybrid paper has a surface area of 116m²/g at 100um thickness with a reported resistivity of < 350 milli ohms at 100um thickness. Analysis was carried out EMSL of Cinnaminson, New Jersey and University of Vermont labs in Burlington, Vermont. Surface area is important as the amount of surface area will impact performance in an electrode, how well an area dissipates heat & the potential to be used in other applications. Resistivity values are a key metric regarding the conductivity of graphene paper for electronic purposes. The lower the resistivity and the higher the surface area, the better the performance will be for specialized electronic applications.
CTI is currently in the process of assembling an advanced continuous forming and coating line with the potential to produce its hybrid bucky/graphene paper up to 36" wide and could process it at speeds up to 50-100 ft. of membrane per minute. The advanced nano component composites membranes will provide components for a range of applications such as heat sinks, illumination material for displays, electro static dissipation, & electromagnetic shielding.
The next step for testing will be Thermogravimetric Analysis ("TGA") and thermal conductivity measurements for heat sinks or thermal heat dissipation.
CTI has now committed to the next development stage to enhance the electro active surface area to provide advanced application opportunities in the respect of efficient electrode support. The material can then be independently accessed for a variety of high value end uses such as glucose sensor applications through to high performance electrodes for advanced energy storage applications.
"We are very excited about the current test results for CTI Nanotechnologies graphene/bucky paper," stated Rick Walchuk, CEO. "These results are another step towards commercial production on a large scale and an opportunity for marketing to begin before the end of the year."
About the American Graphite Technologies Inc. and CTI Technologies LLC Agreement
On January 25th, 2013, the Company announced it has entered into a license agreement with a private US company CTI Nanotechnologies LLC ("CTI") to further the development and commercialization of Graphene Paper. American Graphite has provided its initial funding as laid out in the agreement with CTI and will provide updates as they occur. CTI is working on the development and commercialization of Graphene Paper. The initial funding received by CTI from the Company will be used to acquire test and manufacturing equipment to enhance CTI's existing facility located in Vermont with the goal of developing a prototype production machine that makes Graphene Paper in larger and more affordable sizes than currently available.
Source: American Graphite Technologies (press release)
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