TESCAN To Introduce A New High Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

(Nanowerk News) TESCAN, a leading manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam workstations will introduce the newest generation FESEM platform MAIA at the upcoming M&M 2013 trade show in Indianapolis, IN, USA, August 5 to 8, 2013.
The MAIA FESEM delivers best in class high-resolution performance, ease of use by design, and unparalleled throughput for the most challenging materials. True to all TESCAN electron microscopes, the MAIA FESEM provides the most analytical and scanning mode flexibility with no compromises. Various chamber designs allow full customization for specific application requirements.
The MAIA excels at low voltage observation and related analysis. MAIA incorporates numerous electron optical schemes contributing to outstanding low voltage performance and flexibility down to 50 volts. This most recent addition to the TESCAN portfolio of products represents the continual development and growth of TESCAN as a leading international provider of charged particle technology.
TESCAN is a leading provider of scientific instrumentation and is well known for its innovation and openness to work with researchers and customizing applications to fit specific needs. Established in 1991, TESCAN is an ISO certified company with a long tradition of excellence. Over 1500 TESCAN Electron Microscopes and Focused Ion Beam workstations have been delivered around the world. www.tescan.com
Source: TESCAN (press release)
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