Protochips Wins 2013 R+D 100 Award for In Situ Electrochemistry System for Transmission Electron Microscopy

(Nanowerk News) Protochips™, a company specializing in revolutionary products for in situ electron microscopy, will receive an R&D 100 award, known as the Oscar® of Innovation for scientists and engineers, for its Poseidon™ 500 in situ electrochemistry system. The award will be presented in Orlando on November 7th.
“Studying materials at the atomic scale directly within liquid environments will vastly improve a researcher’s ability to develop and manufacture the next generation of batteries, fuel cells and catalysts” explains David Nackashi, Protochips’ CEO. “For the first time in a commercial product, scientists can observe and characterize electrochemical reactions at atomic resolution, in liquid environments, and in real-time.”
The Poseidon 500 shrinks the typical electrochemical lab to the size of a microchip that fits inside an electron microscope. Researchers can exploit the high-resolution and analytical capabilities of modern electron microscopes to reveal fundamental physical properties of materials and optimize electrochemical systems such as batteries, fuel cells, chemical production and anti-corrosive surface coatings.
Collaborative researchers such as Dr. David Muller of Cornell University have already used Poseidon to make discoveries that will help increase the lifetime of fuel cells and increase the efficiency of lithium batteries.
“I’m excited by the commercial impact this can have on energy storage and chemical products,” notes Michael Zapata III, Protochips' executive board chairman. “We're very happy about this recognition.”
About Protochips
Located in Raleigh, N.C., Protochips has provided revolutionary products and technologies for the in situ electron microscopy market for more than nine years. Its innovative E-chip™ consumable technology fundamentally changes the way in situ microscopy is performed. The E-chip platform provides temperature and electrical in situ capabilities for Aduro™ and liquid and electrical in situ capabilities for Poseidon. Protochips has produced more than 500,000 consumables for electron microscopy.
About the R&D 100
Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards have identified the best in revolutionary technologies that have the potential to change the world. Past awards include the ATM, the halogen lamp, the fax machine, liquid crystal displays, digital wristwatches, antilock brakes, and HDTV.
Source: Protochips (press release)
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